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U-Values Form

Please complete this form for the where the following certificates are required:


  • SBEM (BRUKL Output Documents) and

  • On-Construction Commercial EPCs (new builds and extensions / conversions undertaken after 2006 where a Commercial EPC has not already been lodged) 

Completion of this form is a requirement of external energy assessment auditors.

Note on building regulations:

The updated buildings regulations that came into effect on 15 June 2022 for use in England do not apply to SBEM Calculations and On-Construction Commercial EPCs where the initial planning notice was submitted before that date.

SBEM Calculations and On-Construction Commercial EPCs for buildings in Wales and Scotland will continue to use the old regulations until further notice.

To avoid paying twice for your certificates (they will have to be completely recalculated if the regs are incorrect) it is crucial that the correct regs are selected. Please ask your Building Control Officer if you are unsure.

L2B - Convesions
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