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We're accredited to certify any building in
England, Scotland or Wales and have modelled over 3500 commercial buildings since 2016.

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We provide fast & affordable
Non-Domestic EPCs
SBEM calculations & Energy Statements for Commercial Buildings.

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Commercial EPCs (SBEM)

Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificates are required for commercial buildings under construction, for sale or rent,  We are accredited to produce Energy Performance Certificates for all commercial building types regardless of size or complexity.

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Level 5 Commercial EPCs (DSM)

Dynamic System Modelling

A Level 5 non-domestic building can be identified from specific features such as atrium’s, automatic blind control and ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling. It is necessary to use DSM rather than SBEM for level 5 buildings.

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SBEM Calculations

(National Coverage)


SBEM calculations are required by Building Control to comply with Part L2 A/B of current building regulations. 

Our prices start at £150 for SBEM Calculation (although we recommend. Telephone/email consultancy is included in all SBEM work to ensure a pass is achieved. 

We also provide renewable/renovation modelling (often required by local councils as a condition of planning and/or the award of various grants or incentives).

We can complete a set of calculations in around two days (as long as we have all the necessary information) and can certify any commercial building in the United Kingdom.


All work is carried out in-house (no subcontractors) , the cost saving of which is passed on to our clients. Call 07510 090 633 for a quote.


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Sustainable Energy

Energy Statements

(National Coverage)


An Energy Statement explains how a proposed development will meet the requirements of SWDP policy 27 and incorporate renewable and low carbon energy to generate at least 10% of it's predicted energy requirement.

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