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Display Energy Certificates

Required for the following:

  • NHS Trusts

  • healthcare centres (but not private care/nursing homes)

  • hospitals (but not private hospitals unless NHS patients are admitted as well)

  • leisure centres (but not private health clubs)

  • schools and higher education authorities, including universities (but not private schools)

  • large central post offices

  • police stations, prisons and courts

  • public libraries and

  • museums and art galleries sponsored by public authorities

CBEM-UK are certified to produce Display Energy Certificates (DECs).

A display energy certificate (DEC) is required annually for public buildings and those occupied by public authorities which have a total useful area greater than 250m2, and provide a public service to a large number of people and are therefore frequently visited by those people.

Lots of information is available on the government website.


Areas we cover

  • We cover the following postcodes: NP, CF and BS

  • We may consider large/complex projects (existing buildings) outside of our normal area.

The process​

Before site visit, the building occupier will need to provide:

  • The last 12 months of gas (or LPG/Oil), electric bills, and if present, the last 12 months solar PV generation. If no bills are available then the DEC can still be completed, but a Commercial EPC will also be required (this must be completed by the same assessor who completes the DEC). The bills must align within 28 days of each other and must show kWp consumption.

  • Floor plans or a surveyors letter/document clearly stating the Gross Internal Area (GIA) of the building

  • Evidence for any company 'eco' policies, energy saving schemes etc

  • An online signed declaration stating that all the evidence provided is current and genuine

This should be delivered to the Assessor in electronic format. Unfortunately photocopies of bills cannot be accepted on the day of the site visit as this information needs to be processed in advance of the building inspection.


The assessor will then visit the property and collect photographic evidence of the building exterior, plant rooms and meter points for electricity, gas and solar PV Inverters. Site visit takes approx 1 hour. Allow 48 hours from site visit to issue of invoice/draft DEC. Upon proof of payment the DEC will be lodged and a PDF copy will be emailed to the client along with a link to the online certificate. The certificate can now be printed out and displayed in the main reception.

Key points:

  • A DEC is an operational rating (i.e. how efficient is the energy consumption)

  • A Commercial EPC is an asset rating (i.e. how energy efficient is the structure and M&E of a building)

  • If multiple buildings are on site, a DEC be required for each building with a GIA > 250m2 (excluding buildings that use very little energy - sheds, barns, warehouses etc)

  • DECs must be publicly displayed in the main entrance to the building

How long do the certificates last?

  • DECs last for 1 year for buildings with a total useful floor area more than 1,000 square metres.

  • They last for 10 years when the total useful floor area is over 250 square metres and up to 1,000 square metres.


Pricing and Lead-Time

  • Prices start at £350 for a single building <500m2

  • We will email you a draft certificate and invoice typically on the same day as the site visit.

  • We lodge all DECs on the same day that we receive payment. You will be emailed a pdf copy of the live certificate and a link to the online certificate.

A full set of our terms can be read here.

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