Level 5 buildings are modelled using specialist 3D modelling software to produce a dynamic system model (DSM). 

DSM requires a much greater granularity of the building information and specifically takes into consideration affecting factors such as daylight and localised weather.


Level 5 commercial buildings are typically the most complex buildings to produce energy assessments for. A Level 5 non-domestic property can be identified from specific features such as atriums, automatic blind control and ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling. A larger commercial building with a complex structure, such as a shopping centre or a skyscraper, will require a Level 5 Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Level 5 modelling is also referred to as Daylighting.

DYNAMIC SYSTEM MODELLING (DSM) is the methodology used to model level 5 buildings.

SIMPLIFIED BUILDING ENERGY MODELLING (SBEM) is the metholofy used to model level 3 & 4 buildings

For more information on the difference between level 3, 4 or 5 building download the pdf below.


Do I need a level 5 EPC?

If the building has any of the following then it will requre DSM Modellinh:

  1. Atrium

  2. Automatic Blind Control

  3. Ventilation with enhanced thermal coupling


Whilst you would normally only get a DSM carried out if you require a level 5 EPC, a DSM model can be carried out on more simple properties. Primarily,  a DSM model will provide a greater level of detail and a more accurate reflection the property, you may also find that the BER (building energy rating) is slightly lower than if the building were to be modelled using SBEM.


Fundamentally, SBEM does not take daylight into consideration when calculation a building energy rating.


What information do we require?

ypically we will ask for pdf versions or CAD files for the elevations and floorplans of the property which will go straight into the software and help expedite the creation of the model. If these files are not available, expect an additional fee for the assessor to carry out a full survey and produce these documents.

Further, ensure that you have any schematics for your air conditioning, heating, insulation and lighting. Any detail that you can offer for these attributes are going to mean you end up with a more accurate (and usually higher rated) EPC. 


Pricing and Lead-Time


Due to the high complexity of the calculations, audit and lodgement costs, pricing for a level 5 commercial EPC are significantly higher than that of a level 3 or level 4 building. For modelling only (e.g for BREEAM credit evidence) the cost is lower.

As a rough guide, the cost is 3 to 4 times higher than a similar sized level 3 or 4 building.


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