Non-Domestic EPCs

Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificates are required for commercial buildings under construction, for sale or rent, and is a rating of the energy performance potential of the building itself and its services. They are produced from SBEM calculations and accompanied by a report, which provides recommendations on how the energy performance of the building may be improved, including an indication of payback periods.


We are certified to produce Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates for any commercial building in the United Kingdom (except NI). This includes Level 3, 4 and 5 Buildings.

You will require a non-domestic EPC with a rating E, D, C, B or A if you wish to lease your building. You will also require a non-domestic EPC if you wish to sell the building.

Lots of information, including rules on exemptions is available on the government website.


Areas we cover

Any building build or renovated since 2006 that has not been certified can be done so without the need for a site visit so we provide this service for the whole of the UK (except NI).


All other buildings will require a site visit. We cover the NP, BS, CF postcodes.

The process​

If we are able to complete your EPC off-plan, the process is similar to that of producing SBEM calculations, and can be found here.

When a site visit is required, we will need to agree an appointment time where we will visit the building, take some photographs (lights, HVAC, hot water etc) and produce a simplified floor plan. If you have existing floor plans, this is helpful, especially if the building is large / complex. The site visit takes approx 45 mins.

Once the site visit is complete allow two working days for us to complete the calculations and produce a draft EPC. We will email you the draft with our invoice when this is complete.

Finally, when you have approved the draft and paid the invoice we will lodge the EPC and email you a copy of the live certificate. This marks the end of the process.


Pricing and Lead-Time

Prices start at £165 for a ground floor 'High Street' type retail/office unit.

We can offer same day certification in special circumstances, but please allow two working days from site visit to issue of draft/invoice. We will lodge and email all EPCs on the same day that we receive payment.